A blended portfolio

2MPy offers a portfolio of services which can be tailored to suit your needs and objectives.

Strategic advisory

Look to the horizon, beyond the obvious and immediate and prepare for uncertainty.

You might be considering entering a new market or global territory or exploring the strategic benefits of creating a formal partnership with another organisation? Perhaps you want to increase your organisation’s understanding of ethical standards, governance and compliance?

Whatever your aim, solid strategies will help you make good business decisions, manage risk, make the right choice of alliance for your business and achieve your goals.


Business leaders often have to make difficult decisions, operate under intense pressure or give considered responses to issues affecting them.

As an independent advisor, 2MPy can guide you through scenarios which involve tricky conversations, negotiations or resolving conflict which might result in a requirement for crisis management or stakeholder engagement programmes.

Project advisory

Projects, large or small, have many variables and intricacies.  Taking a ‘whole life’ view from the start is critical to success.  

From initial concept, through formal project kick-off, to delivery and post-project analysis, 2MPy can provide support each step of the way.  

Reviewing bid documentation, establishing project protocols, planning for risk and looking at mechanisms to avoid losses are just some of the areas where our experience could enrich your project and secure positive outcomes.    

Independent advice

To remain successful, a business must welcome constructive challenge and understand the influence external factors have on organisational performance.

With a fluency in Board-level engagement and representation, 2MPy brings global, multi-cultural perspectives into your organisation. This independent stance gives focus to business challenges and helps you to identify development opportunities, supporting your business as a critical friend.

Business coaching, learning and development

Good communication, empathy and an interest in fostering talent underpins our approach.

We work with you to create, or facilitate, learning and development initiatives and coaching and mentoring for a diverse, multi-skilled workforce. We can address business themes ranging from commercial leadership to managing risk.

It has long been recognised that strong core values and culture play a central role in sustained business success with authenticity a key part of this.  

But it can be easy in business to feel pressured or bogged down to the extent that behaviours, such as honesty, empathy and fairness, or acting in alignment with corporate values and ethos, become blurred or forgotten.

Reputation is increasingly important to businesses. As philanthropist Warren Buffett said, 

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.

Warren Buffett

Articulating and pursuing your objectives through a well-defined governance structure will bring clarity and cohesion to your business, benefiting colleagues and collaborators alike.  This approach will also help ensure the integrity of business arrangements, allowing you to trade with sincerity and maintain your reputation.

2MPy can work with you to create, or review, overarching business systems or individual project parameters. We can also help you in circumstances where your business ethics or governance arrangements are being challenged or scrutinised, collaborating with a range of specialists whose expertise can be drawn upon to add further value.