A catalogue of guidance notes and bulletins for doing business globally:

Strategic Risk Advisory Note: Bulletin

How do businesses ensure continuity and resilience when faced with challenges such as extreme weather events or threats to ecosystems and agriculture?  

2MPy’s latest Strategic Risk Advisory Note provides four key principles, and a synopsis of the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2023, to help guide businesses addressing operational readiness or uncertainty in times of crisis.  

Photo credit Mark Fletcher Brown on Unsplash

Insights from a start-up business: Article

Eight key themes to consider when embarking on a new enterprise or launching a start-up for the first time. This article, authored by founder and co-partner of 2MPy, was published to mark the firm’s one-year anniversary.

Useful for? Those looking for shared experiences of starting a new business including helpful insights into ideas generation, personal effectiveness, business development, strategic planning and wellbeing.

Strategic Risk Management: Guidance Note

High level summary of approach and actions for businesses navigating economic conflict and sanctions.

Useful for? Those looking for guidance on how to respond to sanctions, setting up new projects in global markets, engaging with clients or project partners and developing new contracts, validity of insurance coverage, risk reviews and cyber security concerns.

Adapting to Change: Bulletin

Practical and essential guidance and tips for businesses adapting to the UK’s exit from the EU.

UK Trading Rules & Regulations: Checklist

Reference document and strategy checklist for businesses adapting to the impacts of Brexit.

Useful for? Those looking for insight and support with UK trading rules, regulations, legislation, international mobility, international trade, emerging professionals, professional qualifications and developing new business in global markets