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Positive developments

Posted February 2024

Ground-breaking legislation came into force in England this month, requiring the infrastructure and building sector to give greater thought to biodiversity protection at point of planning and development.

Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) planning and implementation is now a mandatory requirement of all new major developments in England.

But what does this mean for the industry and how advanced is the rest of the world in following this path to tackling biodiversity loss?

Read 2MPy partner Tony Marshall’s views on biodiversity by design – celebrating the good in Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) – in a new article published in Infrastructure Global here.

Built environment collaboration

Posted February 2024

2MPy joins UK Construction Industry Council (CIC)

In a move to further strengthen our connectivity within the built environment sector and contribute to industry growth and improvement initiatives, we are pleased to have joined the UK’s Construction Industry Council (CIC) as a Corporate Affiliate member.

Founders of 2MPy, Clare B Marshall and Tony Marshall, have over 50-years’ combined experience of working in the sector and this new membership supports their strategic objectives and commitment to continuous professional development. On joining the CIC, Tony said:

We are excited about the opportunities membership can offer us and look forward to working with like-minded organisations to help enhance the sector’s positive impact on wider industry and society.

Tony Marshall, Partner, 2MPy

Global risk in 2024

Posted January 2024

The curtain came up on 2024 against a backdrop of extreme world events, including climate and environmental issues, conflict in Europe and the Middle East, continuing economic instability and a cost of living crisis in many countries.

But to what extent will these issues continue to hold; what new global risks are on the horizon and what should we be most concerned about?

In a new article published by Infrastructure Global, 2MPy explores some of the findings from the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2024.   The report – which addresses perceptions of risk impacts from groups in business, government and civil society – considers public sentiment around risk impact and severity in the short and longer term.

2MPy’s analysis summarises some of the key trends from the report and reflects on some of the practical steps businesses can take to manage their own risk landscape.

Read the full article here.

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Collaboration in building safety

Posted December 2023

As a new building safety regime comes into force in the UK, our founding partner Clare B Marshall considers attitudes towards safety in business – compliance battling with conscience – plus the collaborative opportunities presented.

Read her thoughts on the new reforms, the ‘Golden Thread’ plus the anticipated opportunities for advanced technology and insurance, in our latest Viewpoint here.

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Reimagining the workforce

Posted July 2023

Earlier this year the European Commission designated 2023 as the European Year of Skills, creating a catalyst for potential opportunities in reskilling and upskilling in the workplace.

As an advocate of effective people policies and inclusive teams, we invited Carole O’Neil, global managing partner at Cundall, to share her thoughts on the modern-day workforce.

Addressing trends such as an ageing population, skills gaps and new technology, Carole considers the many variables which can influence the success or failure of a thriving and diverse workplace environment.

Read the full article in Viewpoints here.

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Lifelong learning

Posted May 2023

At what point do we stop learning?  

In a world where doing business is ever evolving, the concept of a ‘job for life’ is now redundant and artificial intelligence (AI) is threatening the way of work.

Investment in and creative approaches to learning and development should therefore take priority for both organisations and individuals alike. 

In our latest opinion piece in Infrastructure Global, 2MPy explores the idea of lifelong learning in an increasingly virtual world. From the benefits of collaboration, team dynamics, coaching and mentoring to the impacts of AI, we consider how empowering lifelong learning can help growth and development thrive in the workplace. 

Read the full article here.

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Technology and teams

Posted March 2023

New technology can be daunting, yet successful implementation can bring advantages to businesses of all sizes.  

With a shared interest in evolving high-performing teams, 2MPy invited Ian Rogers, Head of IP and Tech Law at Arup, to give his views on cutting-edge technologies and their potential impact on team efficiencies and operations.    

Reflecting on the merits and pitfalls of bringing digital advances to a busy legal function, Ian addresses topics including commercial considerations, project management and the complexities of implementation.

Read the full article in Viewpoints here.

2MPy business consultant developing teams & leadership

Supporting industry learning & development

Posted March 2023

As part of our commitment to actively support industry development initiatives, 2MPy’s Clare B Marshall has joined the new panel of discipline heads at the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) Academy.  

As Discipline Head of Risk Management, she will take on a leading role formulating and developing training programmes related to risk and best business practice in the global construction and infrastructure sectors.  

Clare’s appointment follows FIDIC’s major upgrade of its training programme and online delivery platform. Faculty members and discipline heads have been selected from specialist fields to help boost professional development in engineering, construction, infrastructure and business services. 

On her appointment, Clare said, “We take a keen interest in opportunities that help develop the professional skills of those working in the built environment, choosing to allocate a proportion of our management time actively supporting initiatives where we can add value.  

I am excited about the prospect of sharing both learning and knowledge to help build – and enhance – capability and capacity related to risk management in the infrastructure sector”. 

A world disjointed?

Posted February 2023

The new calendar year began with an eye-opening look into the severity of global risks. 

Whilst the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report, a precursor to Davos, is by no means ‘light touch’ in its approach, it offers businesses insight on key global risks and anticipation of – and preparation for – uncertainty, risk and crisis.  

In a new comment piece published by Infrastructure Global, we unpick the findings of the report and consider a world dis-jointed, ravaged by a period of economic, environmental and geopolitical discord, and facing future volatility.  

Read the full article here.

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Surviving and thriving

Posted December 2022

Earlier this year, 2MPy’s Clare B Marshall was interviewed by DLA Piper for a report capturing the state of the construction industry post-global pandemic and against a backdrop of geo-political discord. 

In the report titled ‘Constructing the future: surviving and thriving in the era of disruption’, DLA Piper explores themes including risk, energy, the supply chain, technology and ESG.  

Clare provided commentary on risk management, industry’s proficiency in this area, trends in behaviour, effective approaches to crisis management and risk as an opportunity. 

You can read the full report here.

Positive outcomes

Posted November 2022

Global leaders came together in Egypt this month to mark the 27th Conference of the Parties (COP).

Reflecting on a career path which has developed alongside the evolving COP conferences, 2MPy partner Tony Marshall explores the changing pace, and face, of sustainable design in the project lifecycle.  

He also considers how current contractual frameworks and commercial models for infrastructure projects need to adapt to help encourage more positive outcomes for a healthier society and planet.   

Read the full article here.

COP27 viewpoint

Posted November 2022

In the month of COP27, 2MPy partner Clare B Marshall speaks to Infrastructure Global magazine about some of the major themes hindering positive action to be made against climate change.

From key blockers and barriers to progress made by industry and government, read the full article here.

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Career longevity

Posted October 2022

The start of October sees the UN marking International Day of Older Persons.

A time to reflect on the important contributions of older generations in an age where people are living longer, healthier lives. 

In a new article published in Infrastructure Intelligence, we explore the urgent need for business and government to move workplace age-inclusivity up the priority list.

Read the full article here.

Photo credit: Centre for Ageing Better/David Tett

Ingenuity versus adversity

Posted August 2022

Many economies are feeling the pinch of climate change and extreme weather events but understanding the bigger picture context and responding accordingly is fundamental.

Drawing on parallels from the experiences of France’s vignerons, 2MPy considers three guiding principles which can help a business create opportunities and thrive in the face of challenge. 

To get the full picture on ingenuity in the face of adversity, read 2MPy’s newest article on LinkedIn.

The French language version is also available here.

Grappling with change

Posted August 2022

In business, change does not happen overnight.  It can take direction, focus and time for any adjustments to make real momentum.

Grappling with change can feel overwhelming. From geopolitical upheaval to wider economic influences, many enterprises may be at risk of getting ‘lost’ in a myriad of issues.

2MPy has identified high level themes to help give businesses focus when adapting to change.

Ranging from trade conditions and business cooperation to international mobility and professional recognition, the team also explores the impacts of change on customer choice.

For more insights, read here.

Capture the moment

Posted July 2022

Running a business or project involves multiple layers of systems and protocols.

When balanced and managed carefully, these important aspects can help secure resilience, compliance and business integrity.

In a new guest blog with the team at CloudFiler, 2MPy partner Clare B Marshall explores five strategies that can help enterprises maintain a solid, efficient and protected business.

“In the face of adversity, you will be measured by the quality of your records…..”

Clare B Marshall, Partner

Read the article in full here.

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Celebrating small

Posted June 2022

The value and opportunity that small business can bring to national economies has, for many years, been highly recognised

Through the pandemic, a proportion of businesses reinvented themselves or diversified their offer in response to changing lifestyles and new consumer demands brought on by worldwide lockdowns, isolation and remote working. 

Some businesses failed to get the support and backing they needed to survive or the market they once occupied was no longer viable.

We support the United Nation’s (UN) efforts to raise the profile of Micro, Small and Medium sized enterprises this month and agree that businesses of all sizes are imperative in helping the UN to achieve many of its Sustainable Development Goals not least those related to work, social mobility and economic growth – MSME.

Sharing experiences of starting up and running an enterprise is an important way to support business communities around the world.

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Celebrating one year of business

Posted May 2022

As we officially celebrate our first birthday this month, we are delighted to confirm Tony Marshall’s role of co-partner of 2MPy.

Tony’s appointment follows the recent re-structure of 2MPy as a limited liability company and is in response to continued and strategic growth.

A chartered engineer, his knowledge and experience of business strategy, multidisciplinary programme development and complex project delivery will add real value to our global business consultancy. 

Tony said: “2MPy’s updated business model allows a more rounded service for clients, drawing on the integrated suite of skills and experience of our co-partners to provide a unique, comprehensive and dynamic service”.

Tony Marshall Partner 2MPy business consultant project delivery

“This is an exciting time to be joining 2MPy and I look forward to seeing the business continue to evolve and grow”.

Tony Marshall, Partner

Learn more about the team structure here.

A healthy world

Posted April 2022

In the week of World Day for Safety and Health at Work (28th April) are we thinking big enough?

The high-level premise of the UN’s World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2022 is to ‘act together to build a positive safety and health culture’. A time to unite, create dialogue and participate in ways to create preventative safety and health cultures.

But are policies, rules, regulations, systems and tools enough to ensure health and safety in the workplace; and for that matter, all around us? Without a healthy planet, are rules and regulations – centred on people not nature – meaningless?

To learn more, read 2MPy Partner Clare B Marshall’s new comment piece in Infrastructure Global.

She draws surprising inspiration from The Terminator himself – ex-California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger – with a call to action to act now and think of the bigger picture.

Another year of risk

Posted March 2022

As we edge closer to the end of the first quarter of 2022, businesses all over the world have been revisiting the meaning – and value – of strategic risk management.

From sanctions and cyber security to insurance coverage, in these times of conflict there is no room for complacency in 2022.

2MPy’s latest comment piece in Infrastructure Intelligence explores some of the key fundamentals of strategic risk management and provides pointers on decisive actions businesses can take. Read more here.

Leading change

Posted March 2022

In recognition of International Women’s Day (8 March 2022), 2MPy takes a brief look at some key moments in history, triggered by female trailblazers.

It was in 1911 that one million people gathered to celebrate women’s achievements, heralding the first International Women’s Day. Much has been achieved since.

Four years later, the UK’s first female police officer, Edith Smith, was awarded ‘powers of arrest’.   

30 years later, eight female pilots were responsible for delivering over 1,000 training planes around the UK for the RAF to support the war effort.  All without incident.

50 years later, the one (and only) Britain to be awarded a Nobel Prize in Chemistry was given to Dorothy Hodgkin.  She was recognised for her use of X-ray technology to discover the structures of penicillin, insulin and vitamin B12. 

60 years later, Mary Joy Langdon joined the East Sussex Fire Brigade making her England’s first female fire-fighter. And who can forget the daughter of a shop keeper becoming Britain’s first female prime minister, later labelled as The Iron Lady?

70 years later, the first woman was appointed to the Law Commission. Brenda Hale, now Lady Hale, later became the only woman on a panel of 12 judges when the Supreme Court was created in 2009. In 2017 she became its first female president. 

80 years later, chemist Helen Sharman became Britain’s first astronaut – 24 years before Tim Peake’s well-publicised journey into space.

Fast forward to modern day.

Malala Yousafzai defied the Taliban in the name of education for girls; teenage environmental activist Gretna Thunberg told a sitting US president to ‘chill’ and Kamala Harris made history – the first woman, the first African American and the first South Asian person to become the Vice President of the United States. 

Meanwhile, in cinemas, Susan Danvers (aka Captain Marvel, the ultimate Avenger) had the power, tenacity and strength to destroy the mighty Thanos.

Stories such as these – fact or fiction – can play a part in blowing gender stereotypes and discrimination out of the water.  They help #BreakTheBias, the International Women’s Day campaign theme for 2022.  Important anecdotes that can provide inspiration but also demonstrate that a goal is achievable.

2MPy supports #IWD2022 and encourages new stories to be created and strong role models to be applauded in a quest for cementing women’s equality.

Further reading: We found some fantastic stories when researching pioneering women. Take a look at this informative and inspiring film from The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn which charts the story of Gwyneth Bett, one of the first women admitted to the Inn after the Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act was passed in 1919.

Time for action

Posted February 2022

Recent developments in the building safety crisis have signalled important steps for change. Yet years after the Grenfell tragedy, UK government still drags its heels.

In a follow up to her summer article in Infrastructure Intelligence, Clare B Marshall revisits proposals for the public and private sectors to work together to fix the problem of dangerous cladding and other building safety issues.

And the solution? An open and transparent funding mechanism achieved by pooling resources available from all key stakeholders and active collaboration between government, industry and insurers.

Learn more about the recommendations in Infrastructure Intelligence: read now.

Brexit replayed

Posted February 2022

There are many issues still to be resolved as the ramifications of Brexit play through, impacting the construction industry and business more broadly.

Freedom of movement, international mobility and investment continue to rank high on a list of concerns – for small, large and global organisations alike.

As suggested at the ACE’s recent webinar, the impact of Brexit has been ongoing in the background without significant publicity, while the world grapples with the global pandemic.

Yet significant legislative and cultural changes – required to enable new trade and cooperation arrangements between the UK and the rest of the world – are now taking shape and with a lasting impact. Though much more is still to come.  

With a gradual unlocking of the world economies, businesses are steadily moving forward and recovering from the impacts of the pandemic. Equally important is the need to look afresh at old and new trading arrangements. And as we begin to see the effects of these changes, it is important for businesses to be ready to evolve and adapt.

Watch the Brexit: One Year On webinar and hear more views on this topic from a panel of legal and business professionals, including 2MPy’s Clare B Marshall.  

Testing times

Posted January 2022

Skills shortages, supply chain issues and the future of a diverse workforce are some of the key themes facing businesses contending with Brexit.

In advance of the ACE’s Brexit: One Year On webinar on 20 January 2022, read Clare B Marshall’s article in Infrastructure Intelligence exploring the dynamics of doing business and the practicalities of professional development in a post-Brexit world.

Read the full article here.

Debating Brexit

Posted January 2022

2MPy has been invited to join The Association of Consulting Engineers (ACE) upcoming webinar on Brexit.

Clare B Marshall, together with panellists from the legal industry including Beale & Co, will be discussing the effects of Brexit on the construction industry one year on.

Co-ordinated by ACE’s Emerging Professionals group, the webinar is open to all in industry and will take place on 20 January (12.30 GMT).  Register your place here.

Engineering change

Posted November 2021

COP26 may have ended but the climate crisis we are facing continues at speed with potentially disastrous results.

Who is in the strongest position to help bring about global change? 

Read Clare B Marshall’s latest opinion piece in Infrastructure Intelligence which leads the charge for a government-backed Chief Engineer and champions the role of engineers.

Risk and innovation

Posted October 2021

Risk is an unavoidable and inevitable part of everyday life

Rather than shy away from it, should business and project leaders celebrate the positives that can occur when taking risk?

2MPy founder, Clare B Marshall, has been reflecting on this since participating in a conference last month where she was invited to address strategic risk management in leadership.

To read Clare’s article on Risk and Innovation and other industry posts, visit 2MPy’s LinkedIn page.

2MPy business consultant Clare B Marshall strategic advice

Our project; our risk

Posted September 2021

2MPy founder Clare B Marshall joined an international panel of speakers from the consulting, legal and insurance sectors on 13 September 2021.

Debating project risk and avoiding disputes as part of a wider, two-day online conference titled Investing in Future Infrastructure – Governance and Leadership in a Post-Pandemic World, Clare called for project leaders to understand the totality of risk and reinforced an ethos of inclusivity and accountability. She reminded the delegation that every member of the project team has a role to play and managing risk is integral to project success.

Infrastructure Global magazine covered the panel discussion which also addressed project set up, risk transfer, insurance and project-specific policies, best-practice in major project management and leadership and teams.  

The Annual Global Conference attracts a diverse delegation of members from the International Federation of Consulting Engineers. Also known as FIDIC, the federation was established in 1913 and now represents some 40,000 consulting engineers.

Risk and major projects

Posted August 2021

2MPy has been invited to participate in the International Federation of Consulting Engineers’ (FIDIC) Global Infrastructure Conference in September 2021.

The online, two-day conference, titled Investing in Future Infrastructure – Governance and Leadership in a Post-Pandemic World, will explore a range of challenges currently facing the public and private sectors when developing successful projects ranging from business and political influences to the implications of a digital society, climate change and energy transition. 

2MPy’s founder, Clare B Marshall, will join a panel of international speakers on Monday 13 September to consider managing risk on major projects, learning from success and exploring how problems can be minimised and resolved. 

Visit FIDIC’s website to view the online agenda and to register for a space at the event.

2MPy business consultant project advice and support

Tackling crisis

Posted August 2021

Why bringing focus to priorities is critical in the face of complexity.

In an article published in Infrastructure Intelligence this month, 2MPy’s Clare B Marshall considers how the current cladding crisis in the UK could be tackled by public and private institutions working together in order to deliver every individual’s right to adequate housing.

Read the full article here.

A collaborative culture

Posted June 2021

Infrastructure Intelligence has published an opinion piece by 2MPy founder Clare B Marshall which considers the complexities and dynamics of a collaborative culture.

Wheels within Wheels explores the fundamentals of good business relationships, routes to avoiding conflict and the importance of trust and co-operation.

Read the full article here.

2MPy business consultant news wheels within wheels
2MPy supports Pride Month June 2021

Proud to support Pride

Posted June 2021

2MPy is proud to join the many organisations around the world supporting Pride month 2021.

Having led and supported high performing teams, coached people from diverse backgrounds and actively participated in Board collaboration, it’s clear that giving everyone a voice and equal opportunity brings rewards, results and a wider sense of creative engagement.

From our experience, when people feel comfortable, valued, and appreciated for who they are and what they can offer, they have greater confidence. This confidence motivates, whilst bringing stability. It brings positive self-esteem and enhances wellness.

Interestingly, whatever the size or structure of a team, those which are inclusive, encourage openness and show respect for one another share a positive and productive dynamic.

Inclusive teams enable diversity of opinion and ultimately lead to good decision-making.

Good decision-making is essential risk management.

All in all – whether as a business, leader, colleague or team – being inclusive is good; not just for a month but always.